Welcome to @domothy's website where I freely ramble about whatever, mostly Ethereum because I believe it to be the ultimate nerd snipe. I like trying to understand the more technical aspects and I like making it available by explaining it as clearly as I possibly can. This website is powered by MkDown and Github Pages on this github repository.

I first started diving down the ETH rabbithole (several rabbitholes, really) and became a fervant Ethereum apologist on reddit, then on twitter, then now i guess i wanna own my content if that makes sense. At some point repeating the same thing to reddit trolls gets old and twitter threads are a terrible format to share large amount of information. So I'll just write stuff here and link to it whenever the same topics inevitably get brought up. Expect the quality of writing to vary wildly depending on my intention with each individual post.

I also intend to use this website as a repository of neat things I find and keep track of them here.

Not sure if this actually matters, but: none of the content on this website is to be taken as financial advice